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Knife Details
Model Number52050
Tang Number52050
Fact. Number
KnifeDB ID11853
Pattern Details
PatternElephant Toe Nail-4½"-Spear & Spear
Pattern Description 
This is the largest elephant toenail frame 
Case Pattern: 50
model_helpSub Pattern: 378
Handle Details
Handle Description: Stag or Burnt Stag

Other Details
Knife Variation Remarks
 Case Classic-W. R. Case & Sons. Made for the Hawkeye knife club. Has double pulls. The master blade says ‘Hawkeye Knife Collectors _ 1999 1 of 55 _ Fourteenth Edition‘. Couldn‘t tell the color of the first line; the second is gold; the third is black deep etch. There are gold scrolls around the third line.. Bowtie shield. Serial number on the right front bolster.
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