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This knife is finished.
Knife Details
Model NumberDR6254 SS
Tang NumberDR6254 SS
Fact. Number
KnifeDB ID5928
Pattern Details
PatternModern Trapper-4 1/8"-California Clip & Spey
Pattern Description 
Has California clip first blade. 
Case Pattern: 54
model_helpSub Pattern: 707
Handle Details
Handle Description: Dark Red Standard Jigged Bone 1

Other Details
Knife Variation Remarks
 Tribute to the American Pipeliner commemorative. Serial number on front right bolster. This is a factory error. Only ten were made with the dark red handles. All knives were supposed to be stag handles. Both blades have pipeline theme deep etches. The clip says in gold ‘A TRIBUTE TO THE _ AMERICAN PIPELINER‘ with a large machine in black. Serial number on the right front bolster.
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