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This knife is finished.
Knife Details
Model Number5215 SS
Tang Number
Fact. Number
KnifeDB ID7727
Pattern Details
PatternSmall Gunstock-2 7/8"-Spear & Pen
Pattern Description 
Case Pattern: 15
model_helpSub Pattern: 157
Handle Details
Handle Description: Stag or Burnt Stag

Other Details
Knife Variation Remarks
 Shown in 1989 Fall CCCNL. Half of the Guns that tamed the wild west commemorative set of two stag handled ‘gunstock patterns‘. Blade etched with ‘Peacemaker‘, leaf scroll and picture of Colt handgun. Serial number on front right bolster. Set comes with dark clamshell display case that says ‘Case xx _1989 _ The Guns That Tamed _ The Wild West‘. Includes certificate of authenticity. Needs blade etch. First blade is etched with a six gun and ‘Peacemaker‘.
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